Editing, retouching and finishing your photos, plus examples of my "before and after" retouching. This is how you pay for my editing your photos- start by clicking on "How to get your photos retouched" and follow the steps listed there. Purchase one for each photo that you send to kelleybard@yahoo.com for editing. Price per photo for retouching is $6.99 each. Mats, frames, and prints can be purchased now in the "After Proofing Images" gallery, or after you have viewed your pictures and I've suggested some appropriate sizes for printing.
photos retouched 2-2-2Hiking GirlHiking Girlfishing potsfishing potsDSC_0106SIngle Tulip VerticalJustin and Raequel CloseJustin and Raequel CloseSerious ToddlerSerious ToddlerMountain and MoonMountain and MoonSanta BabySanta Baby