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About Moon Rabbit Images:

Moon Rabbit Images (formerly Kelley Bard Photography) strives to find beauty and unexpected joy in all things, much like in many cultures, when children look whimsically at the moon and see the rabbit image hidden within. Moon Rabbit is active with the online community and can be found sharing photos and learning from our fans, friends and clients on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram, and here through our blog. Search for our hashtag #moonrabbitimgs.

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About Kelley, the photographer/owner:

I have always loved photography. It is an art form that I can enjoy, where I can allow people to see how I see the world. Sometimes it is a literal view, sometimes I play with the vision until it is closer to how I would like the world to look... but it is always enjoyable for me and hopefully for you. I live a charmed life in Durango, CO. I hope my joy for living shows through in my pictures.


I specialize in family and wedding photography. Catching moments which reflect your family and the love you have for one another is a true gift for me.


The Moon Rabbit Images Studio is located at 863 1/2 Main Ave. #8. You can find the door between Gardenswartz and Urban Market between 8th and 9th. Go upstairs and through the first room, and I'm on the left in the second lobby area. I'm there by appointment, which you can set up by emailing me at kelley(at)moonrabbitimages(dot)com, or calling me at (970)779-0981. 


Thanks so very much for visiting my site, I'm honored that you chose to view my work!