Moon Rabbit Images | A Guide to Buying Images Here

Making a Purchase? Great!

How to make it easy.

For some people, buying an image here has proved confusing- whether you are purchasing from my gallery or from a proof set of images taken at your photography session. Here are a few tips:

1. Look at the image and the description to decide what size options you have.

Often times, you can tell by the description and the image itself whether or not you want to purchase a cropped image or a full sized image. Common crops are 8x10, 5x7, 11x14, 16x20, or any square sized image. Full sized is 4x6, 8x12, or any multiplication of that size... I offer up to 20x30 prints and have the ability to print aluminum prints or canvas wraps that are even larger as well. 

If an image lists in the description a suggested size for prints, or is cropped itself to a certain size, there are varied reasons for that- I'd suggest you follow the suggestion. If already cropped, you probably don't have the option of a full sized image. OR if the important parts of the image extend to all sides of the uncropped version, a full size is the only choice without losing elements.

BUT, if the version suggests 8x10 or is cropped already in one of those common crop sizes, you can probably crop to a different print without problems. I'll let you know if it's impossible- feel free to ask in a comment on the photo or email me or call directly before placing your order, and I can tell you for sure.

You are asked to crop the photo in the buying process. This is only a suggestion to me, as I do the final crop. If you do nothing, I will still strive to crop the photo appropriately. If you try and can't crop the image as you wish, contact me before you complete your purchase and I'll see if I can make it work. This could be showing you, unfortunately, that the size you wish for just doesn't work with this image.

Obviously, you are ruled by the size of the frame/mount you are choosing for your photo, as well. Full sized and square print frames are becoming more common, but you may have to pay more for a custom frame to get what you want in those cases. I may be able to order a frame from my contacts if you wish... comment on the photo or contact me to get a speedy reply on any of those possibilities.

2. 2 ways to make your purchase.

On any photo you are looking at (large version only), if it is available for purchase (for example, infant and child portfolio photos are not), you have 2 ways to purchase your image. The first is to click "Buy" while viewing that photo: that brings you to the shopping cart and the options and price list there. The second is to choose from the featured options on the right of the page: here you can choose from the more common choices for that type of image and it shortcuts you, allowing you to pick a size and type of print and sending it right to the shopping cart.

Featured Options: This is the easiest and most navigable menu choice. I only list the common print sizes and styles here- canvas wraps, classic prints, packages, etc. Use this if you see the option you wish for and have no desire to see other choices.

Clicking "Buy": This shows you every option possible for that type of image, and the price as well. The options are listed in a long and bewildering list, which isn't always shown in order. I know, it bugs me too. But with patience, you can get new ideas for your image: "Aluminum print? What a great, modern-looking way to show this photo!", etc. :) Once you click on the choice there, it leads you to the shopping cart.

Other options that don't lead to purchase but are good to know: Comments and Favorites let me know exactly what you like and don't like in images. If you are looking at proofs, I really need those comments to finalize your page. The images posted are finished images, but you can always ask for a different finishing technique: "I like this one", "love this one", "how about in black and white here?", "Oh, I really like the textured look in photo #?, can you do that here too?", etc. If you don't ask for it, I don't have any clue on how to make your images perfect for you. Also, a favorites list also helps me know what you want, especially for photo books and albums. And on my image gallery pages, favorites lists help me keep track of what images work, and which don't... helpful when I reorganize in the future. Remember, with favorites lists, you have to "share" it with me or I don't get to see it automatically!

3. In the Shopping Cart.

Once you have finished your choices (if you are buying multiple images, you can keep shopping until you are done), you are in the shopping cart. Here, following the prompts is pretty much the same as any other online purchase. I use paypal for safety (mine and yours), and that allows you to use your credit card or your own paypal account to purchase your images. You can also add coupons and such here. Remember, the cropping on the photos is only a suggestion to me- skip it if it frustrates you, or play with crop options if you are in an artistic frame of mind. 

4. Shipping Options.

Another frustrating part of the check out for people. If you are local to me (in or near Durango, CO) I will be happy to deliver your images or have you pick them up. Clicking "local delivery" allows you to get the free option. Otherwise, you will have different shipping options based on the size and number of the images you have purchased. I'm sorry to say that if you order lots of images, you may very well have several different shipping options presented to you. My condolences, but shipping is expensive these days and the multiple prices are probably justified. If not, I will refund you in the end.

Anything Missed?

Hopefully I brought some light into this process. I make updates as often as possible to make this process easier for you, so breathe and walk through the shopping cart experience with your head held high. Perhaps it will be easy for you... but I've heard complaints, so I hope this little guide helps!