Moon Rabbit Images | Infant and Child Portraits

Infant and child portraits taken by me- the best will be shown in my portrait portfolio as well. I love taking pictures of kids, catching a special moment or look on their faces is amazing. Contact me by phone or email if you want to use any of these images- in general, I don't sell children's photos online. Thanks for understanding!
clear eyes baby vert P. Tnewborn in cocoon T, Jexhausted cowgirl newborn R, H pink fadednewborn sleeping T, J bnwshowing bracelet baby P. Tfamily portrait newborn against black T, Jbaby heart feet R, H red sepiaChild Portrait with Bubbleschild sunlit hi key R, N-3zat you, santa claus? infant W, Jsiblings cute kids B&W R, N-3child portrait profile B&W R, N-3gorgeous baby H, J-2baby on back grabbing feet desat H, J-2darling baby H, J-2newborn portrait hugging hand H, M-5newborn portrait on knees head turned H, M filters-2infant on log dramatic B&W slight smile H, M-2baby portrait fancy dress cute G, A-2newborn portrait holding finger close up H, M-2