Moon Rabbit Images | Creature Comforts Halloween 2011

Here are the unfinished photos for the Creature Comforts Halloween Contest. If ordered, you will get a cleaned up version of the photo (with light photoshop adjustments) to make it a treasured family image. I included family photos and the official contest entry photos as well for your viewing.
Feel free to order through this site (click "buy" and follow the easy instructions to the shopping cart). All orders get processed through Paypal. You can also call 970-779-0981 and I'll send you an invoice if you wish to pay with cash or check. All images will be sent to Creature Comforts and you can pick them up there.
Thanks for your great creative ideas, enjoy the photos!
Moo Moo and FamilyMoo Moo the PirateFerret Bueller, Ferret Faucett and FamilyFerret Bueller and Ferret Faucett Bee and LadybugCarlton the Santa CatCarlton and FamilyMissy and FamilyMissy the PirateSusie the Pumpkin GirlVito and FamilyVito the PoodleZoey and Fisher and FamilyZoey and Fisher the Pumpkin and SkeletonSquishy and FamilySquishy the Pink WitchBailey and FamilyBailey the Bronco's CheerleaderWidget the PumpkinPepper the SkeletonNikita and Family