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Waimea Bay Sunrise

Waimea Bay Sunrise

This photo was placed on the "Featured" page of on 08/05/10. A nice honor at one of the premier showcase sites for HDR photography.
One of the most beautiful places on Oahu, but often so filled with people that you can't see the beauty. The only thing this image is missing is the beautiful blues and greens in the water when the sun is overhead. This photo is a composite of 3 exposures, put together in Photomatix as an HDR image. There was some adjusting beyond that, and quite a bit of fiddling with small parts of the image to come up with this final, beautiful shot. Topaz Adjust brought up the vibrancy of the image, but the basics of the shot were there that morning. It was beautiful! Thanks to Photoshop and Imagenomics for helping with other aspects of the photo. Ignore the exif data, it is the data for one specific image of the 3.