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Sky and Waimea Point, Squared

Sky and Waimea Point, Squared

A heavily edited and retouched shot of an amazing sunrise sky in Hawaii. Worth the work... but it was a lot of work! I still have some issues with it- I would love to have the grain removed from the sky but this was the best I could do, so far. I used both Noiseware Professional and Topaz DeNoise (see my trials of both at my blog and could not remove all of the noise in the sky. Grrr. Blurring it helped a lot more, unfortunately, but you can't blur everything! The sky is an HDR of 3 sky photos, the point and the ocean are from single images. Masking and layering were done in Photoshop. The black and white is from Nik Silver Efex Pro, which I'm also testing... and loving. I also used Topaz Adjust on the sky, I believe.