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newborn portrait hammock T, P-3newborn portrait sideways vert bear B, A-2engagement portrait close up love Bellar, Ashley-3Into the Skymaternity portrait hands as heart H, J-3newborn portrait close up on arm T, P-2bride with bouquet behind back mooreCinco De Mayo Dancer's Backmaternity couple by river R, H-2darling hands H, K bnw-2a and s bouquet horz-2bridal party gazebo 2 M, D faded-2baby stare D, K-2mom and kids snuggle T, F sunglow fixed-2gina wedding sunset-2gina wedding flower girl and ringbearer older look-2focused on the baby D, K bnw-2gina groom close up 2 bnw-2maternity contemplative R, H glow-2wedding flower throw dramatic W. A-2