Moon Rabbit Images | Studio Props, Backdrops, and the Like

Many of you want to know what they will find at the Kelley Bard Photography Studio- BEFORE you get there. So here's a run-down of many of the props and such that you will find available for your photo shoot. Oftentimes, these can be brought to your location or outdoor shoot, as well (another reason it's nice to show them here, so you can request them ahead of time). Usually I choose a few likely props for your session ahead of time... here, you get a chance to see what we have and make some decisions on props, outfits, backdrops... so you get the perfect photo shoot!
Many of these are for babies, or child portraits, but not all. Please browse through, as you may see something that fits perfect with your outfit... or your ideal portrait.
If you have a request for a specific item, even something not found here, please let us know with enough time to see if we can find or create it. It makes our photo sessions even more enjoyable when you take an interest and come up with a specific look you want! Themed photo sessions are always very creative and fun as well, and it's an honor to be able to create the dream image you have always wanted.
For other photographers, these are collected items that I've found worthy of being photo accessories. Some of these are used in almost every photo session, while others are patiently waiting for their turn. They are all great for inspiration, though!
Lastly, look through my portrait work on this site, and you will see many of these props in action. You can also see some of my other favorites- things in the studio currently- like the baby sling and baby hammock (which both make darling newborn shots). We are always looking for new props and such, as well, so keep asking what's new. For example, I will soon be getting both a simple black backdrop and a GREAT dark pro canvas backdrop... they are going to add so much to the studio!
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